Special Meeting of Shareholder
Adjourned to October 19, 2018 

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Update on Special Meeting and Assistance with Voting

The Special Meeting of Shareholders originally scheduled for October 15, 2018 has been adjourned to October 19, 2018

About the Special Meeting and Matters to be Voted On 

The Special Meeting is to approve the removal of investment restrictions prohibiting investments of more than 40% of total assets in securities of private issuers and investing more than 10% of total assets in securities of any single issuer.  As outlined in the Management Information Circular (“Info Circular”), dated September 12, 2018, the Board of Directors and Management believes that these investment restrictions unduly restrict the Corporation’s flexibility and its ability to respond to quickly changing market conditions. CGOC’s unique investment strategy is predicated on the ability to invest in private companies ahead of their offering into the public markets allowing CGOC to maintain the early mover advantage ahead of large institutions and the general public.

CGOC received a favourable recommendation issued by ISS, recommending a FOR vote to their subscribers for the Public/Private Restriction and Concentration Restriction Resolutions, ISS noted “Vote FOR the proposed amendments to the company’s investment restrictions due to sound strategic rationale in light of the rapidly changing market conditions in the cannabis sector.”


Assistance in Voting

Shareholders that have additional questions regarding the information contained in the Ifco Circular, and for assistance in voting may contact the company’s proxy solicitation agent Shorecrest Group Ltd., by phone: 1-888-637-5789, collect call outside North America at 1-647-931-7454, or by email: contact@shorecrestgroup.com.

Shorecrest will utilize the Broadridge QuickVote™ service to assist NOBOs with voting their shares. NOBOs may be contacted by Shorecrest Group to conveniently obtain a vote directly over the telephone.

For further information please contact Investor Relations at info@cgocorp.com

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