The emerging global cannabis industry has taken the world by storm, offering investors a potential for growth that hasn’t been seen in decades. However, a lack of education and awareness of the industry’s complexities has left many investors wondering if and how to participate. That’s where a team of dedicated industry experts can help.

At CGOC, we believe the true value of the industry will be seen through a long-term, actively managed strategy. Our team of cannabis industry experts manage a diverse portfolio of private and public investments. Our goal to ensure every investor has access to this opportunity and benefit from the long-term future of this exciting new market.


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Our Investment Approach

We build and actively manage a diversified portfolio of public and private holdings designed to minimize risk and maximize long-term growth.

Early Mover Advantage

Through the Corporation, you will gain exposure to investment opportunities in the high growth, multifaceted global cannabis industry before many large institutional investors.

Actively Managed Investments

We leverage our combined investment and cannabis experience to actively manage investments in public cannabis companies that have exhibited strong growth and demonstrated great potential for profitability.

Pricing Power

We’ve established relationships that allow us to directly source deals with issuers, customize structures and negotiate favorable terms on behalf of the Corporation.

Access to Early and Pre-IPO Deal Flow

Thanks to our network and extensive experience investing in the cannabis sector, our Investment Managers have access to a meaningful deal flow.

Experienced Investment Team

We’ve assembled an experienced and focused group of individuals to oversee due diligence reviews of opportunities and provide ongoing investment monitoring.

Top-down Investment Process

The Corporation’s top-down investment process employs rigorous technical and behavioral analysis to position the portfolio for offence or defense.

Bottom-up Investment Process

The Corporation’s bottom-up investment process will encompass disciplined fundamental, structural and technical analysis.

Aligned Fee Structure

No management salaries or bonuses paid; management and performance fees are based on the Corporation’s share price.

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